Art Teacher
Valerie J.

Hi! I'm Valerie, and I love art and education! I have been naturally drawn to art since early childhood, and could often be found drawing and coloring. By my teen years, I was entering drawing competitions and inventing ideas for product designs! In high school, I traveled abroad with the Art Club and saw many iconic artworks. Soon after, I decided to pursue a degree in Fine Art. I loved art and design so much, I eventually built my career around it! After college, I was hired at an architecture firm and worked in applied arts as an Interior Designer for nearly 20 years, all the while still creating drawings and paintings as a hobby.
In 2007, I realized that my deepest desire was not only to be practicing art, but to be helping children. It was then that I decided to join Child Advocates, and I spent the following 7 years volunteering with them. This experience changed my life forever. I knew it would only be a matter of time before I made my transition from the corporate art world, to the education art world. I'm so fulfilled here now that I can't imagine doing anything else!
I have a great passion for fostering creativity and education in children, and I believe in maintaining a growth mindset. I love inspiring my students to look at things in different ways, and to ask more questions! Art can often be a profound universal communicator, and has the ability to spur changes in our awareness. Creative thinking and art expression can lead us to more answers.
I was born in St. Louis, MO, and was raised in Katy, Tx. I currently reside in Houston, Tx. My hobbies include drawing, spending time outdoors with my daughter and my pup, cooking with friends and family, reading, meditating and participating in fun design projects!