Piano Teacher
Roberto B.

Robert received his first piano lessons when he was five years old. His mother nation Cuba is a very musical country so it was easy to get in love with it. When he was 9 he started his studies at the Music Conservatory Alejandro Garcia Caturla in Havana. During that time he was part of the children’s national symphony orchestra. At the age of 15 he went to study at Amadeo Roldan Music Academy. In those years he enjoyed playing in several jazz bands, salsa, traditional Cuban music bands and also the youth symphony orchestra. 

Roberto studied for 5 years at the National University of Fine Arts of Cuba, where he obtained my bachelor's degree in music. During his time at the University, he played all around my country in jazz bands, Cuban style music orchestras and played for a few years as one of the first trumpets at the National Symphony Orchestra for the Ballet and Opera House. In the last 28 years of his life, the piano, trumpet, composing and music in general has been a very important part of him also because since he was a teenager he started playing piano, bass guitar and trumpet at his local church. Roberto still does that every Sunday. He had the privilege to be a music teacher at Manuel Saumel Music Conservatory in Havana for a few years and prepared lots of students of different music levels to improve their skills and to love what they accomplish through their music. He’s a composer, writer, director and producer of several shows and drama productions. He speaks English, Spanish and Portuguese fluently. Roberto is the father of Anna (7) and Emanuel (12) and working as a children and youth instructor for more that 15 years at his church has been a wonderful and fulfilling experience.