Piano Teacher
Amanda B.

Amanda holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Tulsa, where she majored in piano. She is also certified in Alexander Technique. Amanda has taught piano to individuals and groups, ages 4 and up with all levels of experience, since 2013. Through her continual study and application of pedagogy research (how students learn and how to teach) she meets the student where they are. Whether a student is neurodivergent or neurotypical, everyone has a style of learning that speaks to them more clearly, and she loves finding the approach that is most meaningful for the student. She loves to add movement and play into lessons because it is proven that we learn more that way (and it’s just more fun)! Through her training in Alexander Technique and Body Mapping she has a specialty and teaching healthy, easy movement applied to the piano and rehabilitating playing related injuries. These methods develop the student’s awareness of and ability to undo harmful and inefficient patterns in order to access natural coordination, ease and artistry. Amanda has experience in these methods working with string and piano students at Meadowmount School of Music through Contemporary Alexander School.

Amanda's Teaching Philosophy

"My goals as a teacher are to cultivate curiosity and joy and to use music as a tool towards understanding ourselves and the world around us. Our ability to engage with language and music is part is what makes us human, so I find a deeper understanding and experience of music makes life richer and more meaningful. I am passionate about providing a space where learning is possible; a space where students feel safe, heard, accepted and encouraged. I believe music as a discipline can teach students how to listen and express deeply, develop their creativity and appreciate beauty. I believe good teachers do not give all the answers but wake up the student’s ability to seek for themselves. My teaching objective is to offer my students more awareness and tools so they can be literate musicians, whether they refine their ability at the piano or apply it to another instrument or skill. Our lessons can bring more depth and understanding to their lives."

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