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Tri I.

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Hello! My name is Tri I. and I hold a Bachelor of Music Education from Houston Baptist University. I am certified in Music teaching Early Childhood-12 grade.  At CFMA, I enjoy teaching piano and Kindermusik for all students.Growing up in a musical family, I have a love for singing and playing string instruments ranging from the instruments of the west-violin, guitar, and piano -to the Vietnamese zither dantranh and dan co. In the past, I have provided lessons to students as young as 3-years-old and have served at several schools of music in Houston and surrounding areas. I believed that all students come to music lesson mainly on the belief that they can too recreate the joy that first made lasting impression on them. So what made you want to play music in the first place? Is it because of that beautiful, catchy phrase of a classical tunethat  you heard on classical radio station or a singing tune of Jason Mraz from the first time you hear it? Are you here because you have a dying passion to play in a band? Well, let’s dig in and see what make it so pleasing to our ears!