Piano Performance Teacher
Margo D.

Margo D. has been successful pianist, chamber artist and teacher for over 27 years. She performed at Houston Ballet and HB Academy, HSPVA, SPA, City Ballet of Houston, Jeoffrey Ballet Schools of New York and San Antonio, Pittsburg Ballet Theatre School, Twin City Ballet of Monroe, Company on Stage in Houston, Regional Dance America Festivals, Feijoo Ballet School and many more.

Margo received a Bachelor’s Degree in Piano Performance and Pedagogy from Kiev State R.M. Glier College of Music in Ukraine. Before and in college she learned from great, inspiring teachers-- Olga Lotova, Roman Gindin, and Valeriy Kozlov.

After graduation, Margo worked for 10 years as a teacher, pianist and concertmaster at Kiev State Children’s Music School preparing students for Recitals, Tests and Festivals. In 1992 she moved to Houston and continued performing and successfully preparing kids for different National and International Tests and Events.

Her main focus in playing and teaching is to portray different styles of music on high artistic and technical levels. This helps her students raise their professional level, be creative, knowledgeable and build a lifelong love and appreciation for music and learning.