Join us to explore the exciting world of the theater arts! Whether you’re into plays, musicals, or movies, acting out a character and a storyline is fundamental to all these artforms! 

Would you like to stand in the spotlight of a stage performance? Wear costumes and pretend to be “someone else”? Learn how to interact with others as you work together to perform a story on stage? Learn how to successfully audition and land a role in a theater production? All while having LOADS of fun in the process?

Join our Acting Classes and learn the fundamentals of Acting as a skill and an art!

Beyond all the fun that comes with Acting, parents absolutely LOVE the amazing benefits that acting classes have to offer their children and teenagers, among them:


–Listening Skills

–Public Speaking

–Social Skills

–Memorization Skills

–Mental focus


–Creativity and Imagination


–Communication Skills (verbal and non-verbal)


–Project Management Skills

–Problem-solving Skills

And so much more! An extremely powerful package, Acting Classes are a playful way to learn and internalize a very broad range of life skills that positively impact a student’s personal, emotional, and professional development.


Join us Today to experience first-hand what this is all about!



Please contact me about Cy-Fair Music and Arts Acting Classes!