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The cello (also know as violoncello) is an extremely versatile instrument. It is a member of the strings section of a symphony orchestra, and it is the lowest voice in a string quartet (violins 1 and 2, and viola being the other three parts). 
The cello is an instrument of haunting beauty. Although it historically has been featured as a member of ensembles small and large, there are many solo concertos and solo works putting the cello's huge range of expressive qualities on display.
The cello has become so popular that it features prominently not only in pop and rock music (esp. of the 1970s and 80s) but also more recently, in the music of major hip-hop and R & B performers, including Rihanna and Ne-Yo!

Some Characteristics of the Cello

Due to its large size, the instrument features an endpin that rests on the floor to support its weight. In that regard, it is very different from the violin and viola and much more closely related to the double bass.
Resembling the viola, the cello has 4 strings tuned in intervals of perfect fifths. Each of the string is tuned an octave lower than the corresponding string on the viola. Cello music is written mostly in bass clef, though higher registers may use notation in tenor and treble clefs.
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How is the Cello Played?

Cello strings are plucked or bowed (using the cello bow).  The right hand holds the bow and draws it across the string(s). The left hand moves up and down the string(s) to adjust the desired pitch by varying the  length of the vibrating portion of the string. Shorter lengths produce higher pitches, and vice versa. Once a sound is produced,  it is amplified by the  cello's hollow body.

Cello Sizes

The cello comes in a variety of sizes. A "full-size" or "​44" is the standard cello size. But there are smaller sizes available, including ​78, ​34, ​12, ​14, ​18, ​110, and ​116!

Beginner Cello Lessons 

Looking for Cello Lessons near me? Cello lessons at Cy-Fair Music and Arts start at age 9. We have students of all ages, from children to adults. Our professional cello teachers hold university master's degrees on their instrument, and many perform regularly with local orchestras and ensembles.
Our private Cello Lessons are offered as one-on-one instruction. Cello Lessons are available in 30 -minute, 45-minute, and 60-minute increments.

Performance Opportunities for Cello Students

Our Cello Students are invited to perform in regular student recitals held at Cy-Fair Music and Arts.

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