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The Classical Guitar, also referred to as nylon string guitar, or Spanish guitar, is the guitar of choice for classical guitar repertoires. That includes a large body of guitar music written in the Renaissance, Baroque, Classic, and Romantic periods.

Over the centuries, of course, the Classical Guitar has evolved in certain aspects of its construction and make-up. Among these changes, gutted strings have been replaced mostly by nylon string, with fine wiring reinforcing the lower sounding bass strings.

The Classical Guitar is Great for Beginners!

Of all the different guitar types, the Classical Guitar is the easiest to learn. At the very least, it is much easier to play than a steel-string guitar or the electric guitar, which are both rough on the fingers of untrained beginners and children. The modern nylon strings, on the other hand, can be plucked with ease. Therefore, playing a nylon string guitar for extended periods of time is not nearly as challenging (or physically unpleasant). 

Classical Guitar Sizes

The Classical Guitar is available in several sizes: 4/4 (full size); 3/4; 1/2; and 1/4.  Since the Classical Guitar (nylon string guitar) is the ideal starter guitar, the smaller sizes have been made available to meet the needs of children, who are among the biggest guitar fans.

As children's bodies grow and they outgrow their guitar sizes, they can simply move up to the next larger size. These students' guitars--like the student violins--can be purchased at a very reasonable cost from a local retailer or an online music store. Once your child requires a larger guitar, you may be able to trade in the smaller one or resell it.

Some other Physical Characteristics of the Classical Guitar

The typical Classical Guitar has 6 strings. All 6 are made of nylon or nylon wrapped with fine metal wiring for greater volume and durability. The top of the guitar body serves as a sound board and is made of red cedar wood or spruce. The back of the guitar is made of rosewood and sometimes mahogany wood.

The body of a guitar serves as a resonating chamber that projects the sounds of the strings through a sound hole, which is round and placed just under the guitar strings.

Versatility of the Guitar

The appeal of guitar is universal. Is there anyone who doesn't like the sound of the guitar?!

Carry it pretty much wherever you go, using a light guitar bag. Take it out of the bag, and start the magic!

If you want to take your stardom to the next level, start voice lessons in addition to guitar lessons. Then you can accompany yourself on the guitar as you sing your favorite songs for family, friends (and fans)!

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