We get it! For you, there's only one true Guitar--and that's the electric guitar. We can't blame you for loving the "Rock Guitar," as it's sometimes called. The electric guitar comes to life when you plug it into an amplifier and sound system. Then whole new sound worlds open up.

The electric guitar is incredibly important in a band, where it functions both as a rhythm guitar setting the beats and playing chord progressions, and as a lead guitar performing the main melodies of the music.

Although elements of construction vary greatly, electric guitars are typically solid-body guitars with a body made of hardwood with a polymer finish. To produce sound, the electric guitar depends on electric pickups, an amplifier, and a speaker. Special sound effects of the electric guitar include vibrato, reverb, distortion, and overdrive, which are achieved through effects pedals.

You can go crazy with this stuff, which is why the electric guitar is so much fun to play!


The bass guitar is the lowest sounding member of the electric guitar family. It differs from the regular electric guitar in that it has a longer neck and scale and typically 4 to 6 strings. If you like those deep, deep guitar sounds in a band, the bass guitar is for you.

Have you ever watched bass players in a band? Cool as a cucumber, barely moving, while the flashy lead guitarist goes crazy with solos and stage movements to match.

Which type are YOU? We need both!