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PIANO LESSONS & KEYBOARD LESSONS - Private or Group Lessons 

Piano lessons are a fantastic choice for students of all ages and abilities from beginners to very advanced students. At CFMA, you will enjoy piano lessons in many different styles of music, from classical music, jazz and pop to contemporary styles. Some of our students want to learn music just for fun, whereas others prepare to win music competitions, start college as music majors or teach at a music academy in the future.

Piano Lessons for Kids

We start Piano Lessons for Kids at age 5, and there's a good reason for that: the piano (or electronic keyboard) is a fantastic instrument for children. It is so much easier to learn than, for example, the violin or the flute. Unlike the violin, which requires daily tuning and many hours of practice to produce an enjoyable tone, the piano yields results from the start.

Our Piano Lessons students learn how to play melodic lines and impressive harmonies (chords) very quickly. These early results tend to be quite motivational, inspiring children to explore the instrument further and build their skills.

Piano Lessons for Beginners

For all those reasons, the piano is also a wonderful instrument for beginners of any age. We have piano students of all ages, ranging from age 5 through mature adulthood. With the exception of very young children who still lack the proper motor skills, the piano can be learned by beginners of all ages. 

Adult Piano Classes

CFMA offers many Adult Piano Classes for all ability levels. Our piano instructors will work with you to make an individualized plan and focus on reaching your musical goals. 

Piano as a First or Second Instrument

Learning the piano can be a springboard for starting lessons on an additional instrument. So many musical concepts are taught on the piano--melody, harmony, counterpoint, dynamics, articulation, etc.--that it has become THE instrument of choice for teaching music theory. Piano students tend to have an edge in music theory because they have been applying many music theoretical concepts since their very first piano lessons. 

Equipped with all this knowledge and musical understanding, piano lesson students tend to have an easier time learning an additional instrument.

Piano Instructors to Meet Your Individual Needs 

As we have many piano instructors on faculty, we are able to match students with a teacher who works best with their particular age, personality, learning styles, skill level, and goals. When we enroll your child (or you), we will work hard to find that perfect connection for you to ensure that music education is enjoyable and progress happens quickly.

Advanced Piano Lessons

When piano students have had a few years of piano lessons, their skills sometimes advance to the point where a teacher change is needed. Many instructors skilled in teaching beginners are not necessarily as effective when it comes to teaching advanced piano students.

That is why for advanced piano students, our private piano teachers with master’s and doctoral degrees along with vast teaching experience are the best choice. They stand ready to prepare advanced piano students for university auditions or music competitions--or quite simply help them enjoy the more challenging works of the piano literature!

Private Piano Lesson Formats

Our private piano lessons are taught one-on-one, and lesson lengths are available in 30-minute, 45-minute or 60-minute increments. 

ALL PIANO LESSON STUDENTS have the opportunity to participate in at least two Recitals per year.

Piano Students also have the option to participate in:
  • Festivals
  • Theory examinations
  • Piano Contests
  • Publication Contests
  • Composition Contests
  • World of Music Examinations
  • Ensemble Performance at the annual meeting of the Texas Music Teacher's Association

Private Piano vs. Group Piano Instruction - which is best for my child?

ALL PIANO TEACHERS studied and played piano at the university level. Their music education includes advanced degrees in piano. Many of our piano teachers are active members of:
             MTNA - Music Teachers National Association
             TMTA - Texas Music Teachers Association 
             NWHMTA - Northwest Houston Music Teachers Association


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