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Playing drums and other percussion instruments is so much fun! Drums are so popular that, like the guitar, drums are literally everywhere. Can you imagine a rock band without the drummer? 
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Private Drum Lessons For Kids and Adults at CFMA

One-on-one Drum Lessons (and lessons on other percussion instruments) are available in 30-minute, 45-minute, and 60-minute formats. Drum lessons are open to students ages 4 through adulthood. We welcome all skill levels, from beginners to advanced drummers. Our Drum Lessons are customized to the learning styles, needs, and musical goals of the individual student.

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Benefits of Learning the Drums

Anyone can learn how to play a percussion instrument at least on a basic level. Of course, playing the drums at a high level is just as involved as playing any other instrument really well. Mastering the drums requires a lot of skill and physical coordination between hands and feet that must be learned over extended periods of time. However, you may be surprised to find that learning to play the drums comes with some very significant benefits for kids and adults alike.

1. Drums are exciting from a purely musical standpoint.
Drums and percussion instruments are a world unto themselves. They cover the range from explosive noises to beautiful and warm musical melodies and harmonies (think, marimba!).
The drummer is essential to a band. He or she drives the rhythm of the music, keeps the band together and on time, and adds special sound effects. There is no rock band without a drummer.
2. Playing the drums is incredibly healthy!
Surprising research has shown a variety of important health benefits of playing the drums. Playing the drum and other percussion instruments has therapeutic effects on the body. Among these:
  • drumming reduces stress and anxiety, which are the causes of many serious health problems
  • drumming boosts the body's immune system
  • drumming can assist in freeing up emotional blockages and healing emotional trauma
  • drumming improves the overall quality of life
3. Drumming Circles provide a  strong sense of community
Playing the drums in a band or other ensemble is a communal experience where several musicians collaborate to perform a piece of music. But the feeling of community and connectedness with each other is most profound in a drum circle. 
Drum circles (also known as drum jams or jam sessions) have ancient origins especially in religious and ceremonial traditions. They are also part of the Native American heritage. In the United States, drum circles started to become popular in the 1960s and 1970s.
Drum circles are events where people come together informally--in groups of a few to many thousands at a time--to play music. The music has not been composed in any way but is improvised and co-created by the participants as the performance unfolds. Sometimes drum circles are led by a "conductor" of "facilitator." You can see--and join--drum circles on beaches, in parks, parking lots, and the like.
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Since the drums are a musical instrument offering so much joy and even health benefits, you really can't go wrong in signing up for Drum Lessons in Houston at Cy-Fair Music and Arts. If you are concerned about noise levels in your home, you will be relieved to know that electronic drum pads are available for use with headsets. These electronic drum pads are a good substitute for acoustic drums, and they significantly reduce the volume of drumming sounds in your home. 


Performance Opportunities for our Drum Students

In addition to all the emotional and therapeutic benefits of drumming, we also offer our Drum Students the opportunity to perform for family and friends at our regular school recitals.

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