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Singing is a universal human activity both ageless and timeless. Strictly speaking, none of us are total "beginners" when it comes to singing. At least, we're not beginners the way we are when touching a piano for the very first time.

We all sing and have been singing for longer than we can remember. It's a natural human desire to express ourselves through music and song. In fact, the voice is the first musical instrument we ever use in our lives, starting in very early childhood.

As our voices physically mature, and our sense of culture develops, "singing" becomes more of a learned art. And we also recognize that singing beautifully is a skill that can be practiced to perfection. What likely inspires you or your child to take voices lessons are your favorite songs performed by your favorite artists.

Discovering the beauty of your voice and your ability to sing your favorite songs is incredibly exciting and rewarding. It offers a whole new world of possibilities for you to express yourself creatively. The ability to sing beautifully especially in front of others--family members, friends or fans--also is a real confidence booster. Your ability to own "the stage," project your voice into a room of people, and command the attention of your listeners is also critically important for your public speaking skills. You will likely begin to experience some of these benefits as soon as you commit yourself to voice lessons for beginners.

When Can I Start Beginner Voice Lessons? What is the best age to start singing lessons?

Singing is ageless. We all express ourselves vocally, starting as very young children. And we continue to sing or hum in one form or another throughout our lives. Now let's talk a bit about a much debated issue in the voice teacher community--the minimum age of beginner voice students.

The voice is a fragile instrument. It's also an instrument that changes as a child's body moves through its various developmental stages. At one point in puberty, the voice "breaks" or "changes" from its child register to the lower adult voice. This break is clearly audible in males, but it occurs in females, as well.

Some voice instructors are reluctant to give voice lessons to children (i.e., pre-puberty). Teaching younger children can be challenging, regardless of instrument. When it comes to singing in particular, there is also the added concern that one-on-one instruction may be too taxing on the young voice.

At CFMA, we assign younger voice students only to those our voice teachers who are comfortable teaching younger children and fully understand the issues involved.

In addition, we require that students taking one-on-one voice lessons have solid reading skills. Students also need to have the focus and attention span required to  work with a voice instructor in a one-on-one format for 15 or 30 minutes. Generally speaking, this sets the minimum age requirement at about 8 years of age. 

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Setting Expectations with Parents of Young Voice Students

You may have admired child stars on America's Got Talent, Britain's Got Talent and similar TV shows. The careers of these children are the combined result of exceptional talent as well as many other factors  and professional support services that must line up to achieve these spectacular outcomes. What is generally not visible to the public are all the failed attempts to put a child on the big stage. A child star's life is incredibly hard and comes with many challenges, some of which can cause a child permanent harm (physical and emotional).

With that in mind, the benefits of voice lessons and music lessons in general are so significant that even without ever being on a big stage, your child's life will transform in positive ways. 

Big, Powerful Voices

Many of us are drawn to big, powerful voices, and a vocal technique termed "belting." Please do not expect your child to sing loudly with a "big voice." Your child's musical instrument--the voice--is that of a child. As such, it does not have the strength or size of an adult's voice and therefore cannot physically produce a big tone---unless the performance is electronically enhanced by a microphone, amplifier, and speaker.

But why would you even need that? A child's voice is very special and truly magical by itself. There is a natural beauty to it that is completely disarming. Enjoy it for as long as you can. The time will come when your child's voice is no longer that of a child but that of a teenager and adult. Nothing wrong with that change, but it's going to be different.

What Will I learn in Beginner Voice Lessons?

Among the skills developed in Beginner Vocal Lessons, you will:

  • Learn essentials of vocal tone production
  • Learn important musical concepts
  • Practice proper breathing technique
  • Explore your singing voice and different types of music and songs
  • Develop aural skills and improvisatory abilities
  • Boost self-confidence while having fun

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Beginner Voice Lesson Formats

Our private Voice Lessons for Beginners are available in several different formats: 15 minutes; 30 minutes; 45 minutes; and 60 minutes. Our Voice Teachers carefully customize your voice lessons to your age, learning preferences, and goals.


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