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Never played the guitar before? No problem! Our teachers will introduce beginner guitar students to this wonderful musical instrument, and you will be playing melodies and power chords in no time!

If you or your child is just starting to play guitar, you are probably wondering where to begin.

What kind of guitar should you get? What size of guitar? How much money should you spend on a decent guitar? We are here to help prepare you for beginner guitar lessons.

Which Starter Guitar Should I Buy? How much money should I spend on a Guitar?

You guitar teacher at CFMA will be very happy to help you answer all these questions.

For the time being, you can safely assume that your first guitar should be an acoustic nylon-string guitar. Why? Nylon strings are much easier to pluck and much softer on your fingers. Even if you hope to play electric guitar in the future, give yourself some time on the nylon-string guitar to develop basic guitar techniques. This will help strengthen your hands and fingers for strumming patterns. Steel strings are much harder on your fingertips; for that reason alone, they are not a great choice while you are still learning basic finger techniques.

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Guitar Sizes and Cost

The nylon string student guitar is also available in several sizes to match the size of the student's body and his or her arm length.

The main guitar sizes available for students are: half, three-quarters, and full. These three size options will cover your child's guitar lessons from childhood through adulthood.

Guitars are available at a very reasonable cost from many different manufacturers and sellers. Look around on the internet, and feel free to contact us to ask about a particular guitar you would like to purchase. 

Another consideration for younger guitar players is the weight of the guitar: as a solid-body (rather than hollow) instrument, the electric guitar is much heavier to carry. This is another reason we do not recommended the electric guitar as a starter guitar. 

There is so much to explore when it comes to playing the guitar, and we can't wait to help introduce you to the fun!

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