Art Classes for Kids

If Music is not your child’s passion, you have the opportunity to enjoy a broad range of art classes at CFMA--both online and, as soon as circumstances allow, onsite in our state-of-the-art facility in Houston.

We have found that, in every child, there is already an artist. If your child has held a pencil or a crayon in her hand, she has already begun her exploration of art. At CFMA, our online art classes help your child channel that interest and discover a world of unlimited possibilities.

With all those crayons, markers, pencils, paper that have piled up in your family's "miscellaneous drawer," we can revive the artist in your child.

Our Art Classes and Lessons come with a variety of significant benefits, especially for children:

  1. Art nurtures creativity and problem-solving skills. That’s a no-brainer. In art, children create something--a drawing, a painting, or a sculpture--from nothing or from an idea they are developing.
  2. Creating art improves mental focus and attention span.
  3. Creating a piece of art is like a project from start to finish. With the guidance of their instructor, kids learn how to use discipline to work systematically and manage their art project from start to finish.
  4. Point 1 to 3 above combine to improve your child’s academic performance in school.
  5. Sculpting, drawing, and painting also develop a child’s visual and spatial learning skills.
  6. For young children in particular, creating art is also very beneficial in developing fine and gross motor skills. Remember when you were taught how to write by hand and how hard that was? Moving a pencil or paintbrush on a canvas to create meaningful lines and shapes requires great brain-hand coordination and the ability to control arm, hand, and finger movement. 
  7. Creating art boosts your child’s confidence and a sense of pride in personal achievement. At CFMA, we take this to a whole new level by offering two annual Houston Art Shows, where our Art Students have the opportunity to proudly display their work from their art classes for family, friends, and the general public.
  8. Creating art is incredibly enjoyable! It’s your child’s time away from the constant stream of negative news we hear these days, and a journey into a beautiful and peaceful fantasy world.
  9. Let your child discover their creative genius! The journey starts today!

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Summer 2021 Themes!



June: “Wow Cityscapes”

Do you dream about traveling to beautiful cities all over the world? In June, students will have the opportunity to travel the world through their own art! Pack your bags - your artist will be creating dazzling cities and skyscrapers, as well as iconic architecture around the world. Together, we will be mapping out cities we have experienced when traveling with family and friends. Students will identify things we know about larger cities, students will sketch their own cities on paper vertically, making sure to overlap buildings and show more than one side of a building. 

July: “Passport to Design”

Art class is much more powerful when it has a meaning or life lesson behind it. Whether honoring a historical figure or re-creating an ancient technique, combining art with history, society and culture enhances student learning across multiple subjects. This month we will “travel” around the world and discover artists from different cultures. Students will discover how artists used various forms of media, including paint, pastels, and pencil, while executing their techniques.

July 6th is renowned Surrealist artist Frida Kahlo’s birthday. This week students will be celebrating her by showcasing her love of animals, juxtaposition, botanicals, and the vibrant colors of Mexico.

August: “Colors Beyond the Horizon” 

Take us to paradise! Students will take one last “vacation” before school starts. This month is all about the tropics! We are going to paint beautiful beach scenes with a spectacular sunset in the sky and silhouetted palm trees. Students will learn about creating a horizon point, silhouettes, symmetry, positive and negative space, perspective, and how the elements of art make our artwork look great. 

The week of August 9th is...Shark Week! This week students will have a surprise project that will include creating  JAW-some artwork!