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General Open Enrollment

These fun classes are perfect for the casual art student who enjoys being creative while learning the fundamentals.  There is something for every young artist in these four 60 minute classes.   We offer a wide range of activities that are designed to encourage an appreciation of art.

Class duration:  60 minutes

4 Great Classes to Choose from: 
  • Building blocks  
  • Draw What You See – SKILL BASED 
  • Fantastic Figures (AKA Anime and more)  -  SKILL BASED 
  • Kooky Cartoons

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Advanced Art Open Enrollment

These skill biased classes designed to encourage critical thinking and growth in specific techniques, and mediums.   This class track is for students who are ready for more of a challenge and have a passion for art.   We will be focusing on more advanced topics and techniques.   An advantage to your young artist being in a month-long class is we will be able to track their journey and assess their improvement and understanding of concepts and materials from start to finish.  

Duration:  75 min class!

Enrollment is available for the 1st of the month.

Absences – take home kits available with advance notice, emailed notification that student will be absent.  


4 Great Skill Based Classes to Choose from:
  • Canvas Kids 
  • Clay Creations 
  • Marvelous and Messy Mixed Media
  • Masterworks

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General Open Enrollment Classes

Building Blocks (K-2)(3-5)

This is a great place to start if you have not had an art class with us before.  Students will be learning the building blocks of art including the core elements and principles of design while creating a variety of fun projects each week.

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Draw what you see (1-3)(2-4)(4-6)(6-8)

Identifying a strong composition, judging size relationships, drawing from life and from photographic references are skills that artists are continuously working on.  The goal of this class is to develop hand eye coordination and learn to really look at what we are drawing.  Materials will include pastels, color pencils, markers, and graphite.

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Fantastic Figures (4-6)(6-8)

Anime, Superheroes and Comic Books all have one thing in common.   People! Though in these formats they are usually whimsical in nature and highly stylized.  In this class we will be learning to draw figures and portraits with a focus on age-appropriate human antinomy, proportion, and form. 

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Kooky Cartooning (K-2) & (3-5)

The characters we love are often not people but anthropomorphized objects, animals, and creatures.  Our TV screens are filled with talking cars, chipmunks, and sponges.   In this drawing class we will be working with media such as graphite, crayons, and markers to develop a character and bring it to life. This class is great for younger artist exploring facial expressions, character development and storytelling.

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Advanced Art Open Enrollment Classes

Canvas Kids (3-5)(4-6)(6-8)

In this class we will be exploring acrylic paint techniques and mediums.    Some of the best qualities of acrylic paint are its ability to create texture, as well as its rich velvety color that can be applied in layers.  We will focus on techniques such as scumbling, impasto, blocking-in, underpaintings and so much more!  Students will be creating art you will be excited to frame and hang on your wall.

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Clay Creations (1-3) (3-5) (4-6)

Working with air dry clay helps young artists with special references, fine motor skills and is an outstanding sensory development activity.   We will be using hand building techniques to create unique works of art each week including coil pots, boxes, candle holders, and monsters! 

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Marvelous and Messy: Mixed Media (4-6)(6-8)

In this exploratory art class we will be focusing on intentional decision making and the overall emotive quality of our marvelous and messy mixed media creations. Knowing which materials to use and why is imperative to being a successful artist and getting your ideas and messages across.  In this class we will learn to combine a surprising variation media effectively, such as magazines for collage, paint, pastel, yarn, salt and sand. 

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Masterworks (5-8)

In this advanced class each month we will create a new masterpiece hyper-focused on specific topics, techniques, and methods. The entire month will be dedicated to learning the media and techniques to create a work of art with that medium.  Upcoming monthly projects include Geodes: Texture and Acrylic Paint Techniques, Landscape: Exploring watercolor, Photo Realistic Portraits: A Graphite and Charcoal Intensive.

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If Music is not your child’s passion, you have the opportunity to enjoy a broad range of art classes at CFMA--both online and, as soon as circumstances allow, onsite in our state-of-the-art facility in Houston.

We have found that, in every child, there is already an artist. If your child has held a pencil or a crayon in her hand, she has already begun her exploration of art. At CFMA, our online art classes help your child channel that interest and discover a world of unlimited possibilities.

With all those crayons, markers, pencils, paper that have piled up in your family's "miscellaneous drawer," we can revive the artist in your child.

Our Art Classes and Lessons come with a variety of significant benefits, especially for children:

Art nurtures creativity and problem-solving skills. That’s a no-brainer. In art, children create something--a drawing, a painting, or a sculpture--from nothing or from an idea they are developing.
Creating a piece of art is like a project from start to finish. With the guidance of their instructor, kids learn how to ,use discipline to work systematically and manage their art project from start to finish.
For young children in particular, creating art is also very beneficial in developing fine and gross motor skills. Remember when you were taught how to write by hand and how hard that was? Moving a pencil or paintbrush on a canvas to create meaningful lines and shapes requires great brain-hand coordination and the ability to control arm, hand, and finger movement.
Creating art boosts your child’s confidence and a sense of pride in personal achievement. At CFMA, we take this to a whole new level by offering two annual Houston Art Shows, where our Art Students have the opportunity to proudly display their work from their art classes for family, friends, and the general public.
Creating art is incredibly enjoyable! It’s your child’s time away from the constant stream of negative news we hear these days, and a journey into a beautiful and peaceful fantasy world.
Point 1 to 3 above combine to improve your child’s academic performance in school.
Sculpting, drawing, and painting also develop a child’s visual and spatial learning skills.
Creating art improves mental focus and attention span.
Let your child discover their creative genius! The journey starts today!



We are so proud to offer art classes to students of all ages and abilities in the Houston area.

Cy-Fair Music and Arts strives to provide each student with an outstanding experience.

That's why so many families keep choosing us over our competitors.

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