Art Classes for Kids

If Music is not your child’s passion, you have the opportunity to enjoy a broad range of art classes at CFMA--both online and, as soon as circumstances allow, onsite in our state-of-the-art facility in Houston.

We have found that, in every child, there is already an artist. If your child has held a pencil or a crayon in her hand, she has already begun her exploration of art. At CFMA, our online art classes help your child channel that interest and discover a world of unlimited possibilities.

With all those crayons, markers, pencils, paper that have piled up in your family's "miscellaneous drawer," we can revive the artist in your child.

Our Art Classes and Lessons come with a variety of significant benefits, especially for children:

  1. Art nurtures creativity and problem-solving skills. That’s a no-brainer. In art, children create something--a drawing, a painting, or a sculpture--from nothing or from an idea they are developing.
  2. Creating art improves mental focus and attention span.
  3. Creating a piece of art is like a project from start to finish. With the guidance of their instructor, kids learn how to use discipline to work systematically and manage their art project from start to finish.
  4. Point 1 to 3 above combine to improve your child’s academic performance in school.
  5. Sculpting, drawing, and painting also develop a child’s visual and spatial learning skills.
  6. For young children in particular, creating art is also very beneficial in developing fine and gross motor skills. Remember when you were taught how to write by hand and how hard that was? Moving a pencil or paintbrush on a canvas to create meaningful lines and shapes requires great brain-hand coordination and the ability to control arm, hand, and finger movement. 
  7. Creating art boosts your child’s confidence and a sense of pride in personal achievement. At CFMA, we take this to a whole new level by offering two annual Houston Art Shows, where our Art Students have the opportunity to proudly display their work from their art classes for family, friends, and the general public.
  8. Creating art is incredibly enjoyable! It’s your child’s time away from the constant stream of negative news we hear these days, and a journey into a beautiful and peaceful fantasy world.
  9. Let your child discover their creative genius! The journey starts today!

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Welcome, Year 2021! It’s time for art. It’s time for fun. It’s time to create. It’s for everyone! Take a look at the monthly inspirations for our art classes this spring. Pop art, cartooning, anime, comics and more. Your child’s imagination will be expanded in these weekly classes, and their artistic skills will grow!

January - Pop Art

Has your child told you that she or he wishes for a world without COVID? This is a fantastic opportunity to share that some of the greatest works of art came from tough times. Pop art, the powerful, vivid art that we now see everywhere--on billboards, magazines, and products--came from the tough times that followed World War II. This month, your child will learn about color types, 3-dimensional and two-dimensional painting, design and symmetry. Watch your child come to life with a colorful new way to capture art!

February - Cartooning

Your child’s doodlings say so much about her or his personality. Did you also know that doodling reduces negativity and lowers stress? This month, we will turn this doodling into a destination of creativity--in learning how to cartoon new characters--straight from your child’s imagination!

March -  Anime

Do you remember seeing your first anime? You likely saw one, as a child--when this type of 2D art became an international sensation. This month, we will tour anime--learning how to draw in this Japanese style. It will connect your child to your childhood...and connect you to theirs!

April - Comics

Have you ever noticed how your child’s curiosity is ignited when you enter a retail place or flip through a magazine? Would you like your child to learn how to do the same for others? This month, we will create commercial art that will encourage the entrepreneur in every child. Who knows? Maybe the next comic genius sits at your kitchen table, waiting to be discovered!

May - Portrait

When was the last time your family portrait was taken? Did you miss it this year? Does everybody look a little different in 2021? No worries! Ask your artist-in-residence to take what she or he learns about realistic portraits this month to create the most memorable and painless family portrait worthy of the walls in your mind and a room in your heart.