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Music Lessons for Adults





What? Music Lessons for Adults?! Yup, you read that right. If you thought that music lessons are only for kids, you were...sorry (!)...wrong! Adults love music lessons just as much, as kids do, and often even more so. Music lessons are both timeless and age-less. Anyone of any age can learn how to play a musical instrument or how to sing! Music is a universal language. It's one of those few things that all people on this earth share and appreciate.

Why Take Music Lessons for Adults?

Adult Music Lesson Students come to us for a variety of reasons, including:
1. Many adults are looking for an island of sanity to find themselves again amid all the distractions and obligations of everyday life.
2. Many adults have a stressful work situation. To reduce stress levels and anxiety, they embrace music lessons, self-expression, and creativity as a means to counterbalance the negativity they are experiencing.
3. In addition to the emotional benefits, engaging in Music Lessons for Adults can also be quite therapeutic physically. The health benefits of music and music-making are scientifically proven. They have even given rise to a separate discipline of healthcare--music therapy. High blood pressure, for example, which can be the cause of serious health problems, can be lowered through music-making.
4. A large percentage of adults take music lessons simply because they love music and are passionate about learning an instrument. Many also decide later in life to pick up where they left off as a child or teenager. Maybe they took a couple of years of piano lessons or guitar lessons or played the trumpet in high school orchestra. Then life took them in a different direction as they explored other interests. A number of years later, they're a adults with or without family, or maybe they are even a grandparent. Now they are ready to dust off that guitar case and pick up where they left off years ago. It's NEVER too late for that!
5. Another common scenario is that adults starting music lessons sometimes have children in our music lesson program! These adults want to share the music lesson learning experience with their children, enjoy precious time together, and create absolutely unforgettable memories with each other!
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Adult Music Lesson Students Can Be Highly Motivated!

When adults return to the instrument or decide to learn a new musical instrument, they are often highly motivated. They had time to think about this decision, and there is a pressing need or want to explore or revisit music lessons in their lives.
So, yes, adults do take music lessons, and they sometimes are more focused on it than their children!
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What's Holding Adults Back from Taking Music Lessons?

Sometimes, adults have concerns about taking music lessons. Most frequently, adults hesitate because:

1. They think music lessons are just for kids, and they may be "too old for this."

As mentioned above, learning and playing a musical instrument or singing are timeless and ageless passions shared by all of mankind.

2. They are a bit reluctant to join what they see as a "school for kids."

While the majority of our students are in fact kids and teenagers, there are quite a few adults in our program, doing exactly what you are doing--i.e., takings weekly 30, 45, or 60-minute lesson. Your lesson time is the only time you will be there, and it's all spent one-on-one in the lesson room with your adult lesson teacher.

3. "I'm too busy" and "I wish I had the time for this" are two other concerns we hear.

Well, you do find time for other things that are important to you, don't you? Maybe what it takes is a bit of re-prioritizing your non-work activities so that you can finally enjoy the benefits of music lessons?

4. Related to that, "I don't know where to find the extra time after work to drive to Cy-Fair Music and Arts." 

You'll be pleased to know that we are open Saturdays for adults music lessons. And perhaps more importantly, we offer adult music lessons fully online! That can do miracles for your planning: you can take your adult music lessons from the comfort (and safety) of you own home, without the drive to and from CFMA. If you take online adult music lessons, you will save precious time and money on the road!


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Which Adult Music Lessons Are Available to Me?

While all of our music instructors offer adult music lessons, the most frequently requested are:

Adult Voice (Singing) Lessons

Adult Piano Lessons

Adult Guitar Lessons


Performance Opportunities for Adult Music Lesson Students

When enrolling for Adult Music Lessons at Cy-Fair Music and Arts, you will have the opportunity to perform for family and friends at our various school recitals.


When are YOU going to Start Adult Music Lessons at Cy-Fair Music and Arts?