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Have you been listening to your favorite songs and vocal artists over and over again?

Have you tried singing along, imagining what it would be like to sing that song on stage? Maybe even be like that artist? You're not alone! Most of us do it, and most of us probably sing or hum along quietly, a bit secretly, hoping that nobody is listening to us. 

If this sounds like you, you may be interested in finding voice lessons near you. 

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Discover the Beauty of Your Voice

The human voice has been called the queen of all instruments because of its natural beauty and its nearly endless range of expression. And unlike any other musical instrument, you don't need to buy it; you already own it! It's part of you, and it's one of those qualities that makes you uniquely YOU. Nobody in the entire world sounds exactly like you because no two physical bodies are exactly identical.

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If you have never taken any voice lessons or worked with a vocal coach on your voice, you have no idea how beautiful your voice is and what you can do with it.

You use it to speak and maybe sing in the shower or in your car. But have you ever explored your full vocal range and the beauty of your singing voice?

Now is the time to discover a whole new YOU!

voice lesson girl in houston TX

Explore a Huge World of Vocal Songs and Vocal Techniques at Houston's Best Music and Art School!

There is such a wealth of vocal music and singing styles to fall in love with.

Do you get excited about the current and recent superstars and singer-songwriters (for example, Lady Gaga, Adele, Beyonce, Ariana Grande, Katy Perry,  or Amy Winehouse)?

Or are you drawn to one of the greatest lead singers of all time, such as Freddie Mercury (Queen), and Bruce Springsteen (E Street Band)?

Perhaps you are drawn to opera stars and operatic singing. If so, you would likely also be attracted to drama, storyline, acting and movement on stage, as well as use of costumes. The operatic repertoire is vast and spans works across several centuries and countries. Of all the historical operas, the great works of the Romantic period, especially those by Verdi, Bellini, and Wagner, are now most well-known.

Maybe the big stage is not your thing, and what you would really like is singing historical songs in intimate settings for small groups of listeners. If so, you will love the beautiful art songs by the great German Romantic composers Schubert and Schumann; Johannes Brahms; Benjamin Britten; Gabriel Faure; and Maurice Ravel, among so many others. They are loved all over the world for their expressive beauty.

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Take Voice Lessons for a  Happier, Healthier, and More Successful Life

There is so much more to taking vocal lessons and singing on a regular basis than learning new songs. Voice lessons literally open new opportunities to improve the quality of your life both physically and emotionally--though these benefits are rarely talked about.

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Singing Lessons improve the Quality of Life 

When you sign up for Voice Lessons at Cy-Fair Music and Arts, there are some important benefits. Among these, Voice Lessons may:
  • Boost your confidence level;
  • Increase self-awareness and decrease self-doubt;
  • Improve your public speaking skills;
  • Improve your ability to express yourself to others both verbally and non-verbally;
  • Open up a window into the world of theater, including on-stage character development, acting, and drama;
  • Help you develop a deeper understanding and enjoyment of the arts;
  • Give you an appreciation of the music of other vocal artists.

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Voice Lessons also Come with Health Benefits!

You may have never thought of this, but research has shown that singing comes with an amazing range of significant health benefits. Among these, taking Voice Lessons can:
  • Improve your overall health;
  • Improve your breathing (deeper breaths give your body more oxygen and release muscle tension)
  • Improve your posture (singing lessons for kids is also great for teaching them proper posture, which is needed for ideal tone production)
  • Tone your facial muscles (We all want to keep that youthful appearance!)
  • Boost your immune system, helping you fight disease and prolong your life;
  • Increase your lung capacity and clear your sinuses;
  • Relieve stress and improve your mood and emotional well-being;
  • Help you sleep better (less stress = more restful sleep);
  • Strengthen abdominal muscles and stimulate blood circulation
  • Stimulate thyroid and pancreas to improve the important bodily processes they regulate

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Why Choose Cy-Fair Music and Arts for Your Voice Lessons? 

At CFMA, you will be guided by professionals. Our voice teachers have university training in music specializing in voice. CFMA voice instructors sing everything from pop songs, contemporary songs, art songs, and jazz to opera. In addition, our vocal coaches are also performers, appearing in concerts and recitals in and outside of the Houston area.
As a CFMA voice student near Houston, you will learn a lot. For example, you  will learn how to breathe properly, how to increase your vocal range, how to achieve proper pitch, how to project with your voice, how to conduct yourself on stage, and improve your diction. You will also develop healthy lifestyle habits that help the singing experience and boost your overall health. And, of course, you will learn how to sing your favorite songs!
Moreover, all Voice Students at CFMA have the opportunity to perform for family and friends at our regular School Recitals. Whether you sing for your own pleasure, are part of your church choir, prepare for UIL Solo & Ensemble, or audition for TMEA All-State Choir, our vocal coaches are excited to work with you.

Vocal Lesson Formats

Our private, one-on-one Houston voice lessons are available in 30-minute, 45-minute, and 60-minute increments. Your voice coach will work with you on vocal exercises and vocal technique while you learn to sing.

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