Art Teacher
Gregory C.

Growing up in Houston, Texas, ever since I was old enough to be able to pick up a crayon I was always drawing and wanted to be an artist. Art class was always my favorite and as I grew older, I discovered that art could help me understand who I am through the expression of my feelings and my own unlimited imagination as well as help me grow as a person and communicate my feelings to others. Every one of my art teachers was always supportive and made me and my art feel valid and appreciated, so as I began to think about what art major I would aspire for, I realized that I wanted to pass that support on and earn a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Visual Arts Studies at the University of Texas in Austin. Going through my art education classes and feeling the sincere care for the arts and children my teachers and fellow students had assured me I had chosen the perfect path for me. I enjoyed every part of creating art lessons for the daycares and art museum's family day during my education just as much as I did when I started working with many students in the classrooms for after school art programs. I once created a piece featuring a dandelion in a field, and at the center of that dandelion was a brain. The seeds of the dandelion would fly off into the background where there was a vast infinite space filled with the fantastic cosmic beings such as the stars. This is meant to express my belief that each of us has something magnificent in us and I believe through art can we reach the closest to expressing who we are to the rest of the world. I believe each of my students can grow through art appreciation and practice that includes self-reflection and an understanding of the world around them through helping them consider many art techniques throughout the art world I can bring to them. The Cy-Fair Art Program philosophy aligns quite well with my own with my own teaching philosophies and I think is a perfect place for me to teach.