Lead Art Teacher
Mauvi G.

Originally from Houston Texas, Mauvi moved to Colorado to study art at Colorado State University.  After receiving her Bachelor of Fine Arts with an emphasis in painting she attended the University of Northern Colorado to obtain K-12 Art and Substitute teaching certifications.  After graduating in 2007 she has worked in 3 different museums in Denver and Houston, taught for nearly a decade at a paint and sip studio and taught cooking and pottery to children at a local nonprofit.  Her large-scale colorful portraiture and nonobjective works are primarily acrylic but also have foreign elements like sand, beads, yarn and handmade paper to help create texture and elicit emotion in her work.  

Mauvi also enjoys sewing, fishing, blues dancing, playing board games, and going to the movies with her husband on the weekends.  As a teacher she believes we should encourage intrinsic motivations for making art, provide goals and means to meet those goals and foster an environment conducive to discovery and exploration.  She looks forward to having your amazing artists in her class.