Art Teacher Houston TX


Samchhay M.

Art Teacher



How do you want your students to feel when they walk into your classroom?

I want my students to feel safe and secure, students feel excited about learning and know what they gain in class will transpire them to be great in their talent and gift.  I want to help nourish or advise them in their pursuit of the Visual Arts.

How do you want your students to feel when they leave your classroom?

I want them to have a sense of success and confidence that they were to achieve certain skills or learn a new concept.

What character traits do we want to be cultivating in our students?

Taking risk, building positive self-esteem, problem solver, creativity, fine motor skills, sharing with others, appreciating culture and history, and a great communicator through visual images.

What words would your families use to describe your classes to their friends? 

The art teacher is very caring and knowledgeable of what my kid(s) learn from taking lesson with him. 

What do you love about teaching your classes?

I enjoy working with the children and their families, the time I share with them is such a valuable moment and continue to built upon each child success.

How do you feel when you are teaching?

I am passionate about what I present as an artist and strive forth to embark that passion to my students in building a mutual respect.

What words would your students use to describe their class?

Art is fun, the lesson is fresh, awesome projects, the teacher provides me with easy guidance, look forward to having my art work display at the Big Art Show, the teacher keeps me engage and I enjoy my time with him every lesson.    

How would students describe you as their teacher?

Caring, funny, helpful, inspiring, thoughtful, and wonderful artist

What do parents love about your class?

The result of their children products that brings joy to them and the positive partner mutual respect both share.  The positive relationship and customer service that I continue to provide.

How would they say it benefits their children?

The benefits that their children learn and gain is the wonderful service our teacher provides them with each families need.  

Looking at your students when they are in their element, what emotions are they feeling?

The feeling of accomplishment and self-worth that they were able to finished what they started.

Ten years from now, what would your students say that your class gave them?  You have transpired me to be great and you ignite the passion of creativity that I will never let go.

What do you want to be known for as their teacher?

A wonderful positive role-model.

How would you describe the environment and energy level of your classes?

The upper group tend to be more independent and at the same time very competitiveness in their goal setting.  The lower group is very curious and more of a risk taker. 

As a teacher, what is the greatest thing about our school?

The friendly staffs and safe environment our school reflects, the great service we provide for the children and their families.