Art teacher
Kristen L.

Kristen is an artist and educator from Dallas, Texas who moved to Houston in 2020. Kristen is a graduate of the University of Texas in Austin, where she studied Art Education under renowned artists such as Beili Liu, Lee Chesney, and Christopher Adejumo. During her studies she discovered a deep love for printmaking, colored pencil, and figure study that she continues to foster to this day in her personal artworks. After graduating in 2020 with her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Art Education, Kristen moved to Houston and earned her teaching certification for Early Childhood to 12th grade. She began a teaching career, teaching art in Houston-area public schools for the next two years before coming to CFMA.

Kristen’s personal work is inspired by organic forms such as cellular structures, where she often combines naturalistic figures with the bright, almost otherworldly color palettes of scientific illustrations and blacklight posters. She layers different materials such as grease pencils, paint markers, acrylic paints, and colored pencils to create complex illustrations at large scales.

In her downtime, Kristen is an avid coder and studies to become a Full Stack Developer. She enjoys going to loud concerts, filling her sketchbooks with new ideas, coming up with engaging lesson plans, and designing her own webpages. In Kristen’s classroom, building positive relationships with her students and their families is a priority, and she is committed to fostering every student’s inner muse. Amazing artists start here!