Our Educational Philosophy

Matching Teaching Styles with Learning Styles


"Don't limit a child to your own learning, for he [she] was born in another time." - Rabindranath Tagore

Our teaching philosophy is based on the idea that we all learn differently. Each of us is a unique and complex human being.  We each have different genes, have had a different upbringing, and learned different cultural values. No matter how old or young, each of us also has had a unique life story with a unique combination of experiences. That's why each student has their own way of absorbing information and learning new skills. In Educational Studies, this has come to be known as the "Multiple Intelligences" theory, which was formulated at Harvard University in the 1980s.

The Multiple Intelligences research concluded that humans don't have just one intelligence--traditionally measured by the "IQ"--but 8 different intelligences. We each have in us a unique mix of these 8 intelligences: Nature Smart; Musical Smart; Number-Reasoning Smart; Self Smart; People Smart; Body Smart; Word Smart; and Picture Smart.

At Cy-Fair Music and Arts, we know that students learn differently, and have a unique way of learning because their intelligences are configured differently. We see that play out in our lesson rooms and classrooms on a daily basis!

Therefore, to help our students have an enjoyable learning experience and achieve quick results, our teachers customize their teaching style to the learning style and goals of each individual student.

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