Guitar and Piano Teacher
Jaime M.

Jaime M. is a guitarist with over five years of experience in teaching and over ten years of experience performing. He currently studies jazz guitar at the University of Houston and performs with the UH Jazz Big Band as well as a jazz combo. Jaime also has experience performing in rock, country, and metal groups and has even performed and recorded contemporary art music.

Jaime aims to teach in a way that balances theoretical and technical aspects of the instrument with musicality and creativity to create a dynamic learning environment. He has taught students coming from a variety of ages and backgrounds and he prides himself on his ability to fine-tune a unique learning experience for each student.

When he’s not teaching, Jaime also composes in various styles of music and has worked on several short films and video games. He loves listening to movie and videogame scores and supporting local music whenever he can. Jaime believes that staying inspired and supporting his colleagues is pivotal to constant growth as both a musician and a teacher.