Guitar Teacher
Will C.

Will C. was born in Kansas and started taking guitar lessons around 8 or 9 years old after his grandfather had given him an electric guitar. Will was not really playing sports or anything outside of school at the time, so his folks knew that he needed something to give his attention to! 

Will still vividly remembers coming home after his first lesson and playing an A major chord, realizing instantly that the guitar seemed to be a natural 'extension' of him. 

Soon after he started picking up traction with lessons, Will enrolled in Garage Band classes based around performing various styles of music, and played Jazz Band in high school, winning an 'Outstanding Soloist' award at one of the competitions.

After years of taking guitar lessons and starting to find his own sound, Will attended Musician's Institute in Hollywood in the Guitar Program (GIT) and got his Associate's Degree in Guitar Performance.

After graduating from MI, Will made his way down to the great state of Texas to continue pursuing his musical dreams and endeavors.

As a more lead-oriented player, the styles Will is most fluent in are rock, metal, blues, fusion, progressive music, and songwriting from the guitar perspective. Anything having to do with lead guitar and learning how to make a song, or performance tell a story and make people inspired. 

Will's main goal as a teacher is to help all his students find their own unique sound, or "voice" with the instrument, and music in general. He always focuses most on what students need to succeed and be the best possible version of themselves as musicians.