Take Music Lessons Online!

Benefits of Online Music Lessons

For Students and Teachers alike, it's a whole new world and we at CFMA are embracing it enthusiastically! Now, you have the opportunity to take your Music Lessons fully online--from the safety and comfort of your own home! There's no need anymore to worry about possibly contracting Coronavirus, the common flu virus, or any other infectious disease from your music lesson teacher. When taking your music lessons, you and your teacher can now be carefree and safely interact with each other in a fully virtual music lesson environment. Enjoy online piano lessons, online guitar lessons, online voice lessons, online drum lessons, or online violin, viola, and cello lessons --without masks(!) and without fear!

In addition to safety, there are two other major advantages to taking your Music Lessons virtually from teachers at the Best Music and Art School in Houston: convenience and cost savings.

Living in Houston involves a lot of time spent in traffic. As we all experience on a daily basis, short distances have a way of becoming major trips. Stuck in traffic, sitting in a car with the AC barely keeping up, can be tiring and takes big chunks of time out of our days. AND, it is expensive! Time is money, and definitely so is gas! 

Do a little bit of math here. If you or your child is taking virtual music lessons, you wouldn't have to commute to and from your lessons, while still receiving instruction from your teacher at Houston's Best Music and Art School! Time back in your schedule, and money returned to your wallet. 

Finally, if you spend most of your time on the internet, enjoying the use of various technologies and apps already, taking your music lessons online will feel like coming home--or rather, never leaving it. It's fun, allows for so much creativity (apps palooza!) on both ends, and really explores an entirely new approach to learning a musical instrument.

How do Virtual Music Lessons Work?

Actually, it's pretty simple. Chances are you already know how to take music lessons over the internet, especially if you are currently working remotely. We use the most popular web conferencing system on the market: Zoom! Schools, universities, colleges, and employers across the nation are on Zoom. If you are new to web-conferencing, you are probably familiar with Skype and Facetime, which are lower-end alternatives for web conferencing.  

Your Zoom Lessons at CFMA

When you sign up for Zoom Music Lessons with us, you and your teacher will connect live through Zoom, and all teaching and learning will happen live via video and audio. It's like being in the same room, except you and your teacher are in different places, maybe even in different states or countries. We've had both. To make this possible, all you need is:

1. A good internet connection wherever you are

2. A computer or mobile device with microphone and camera (built-in or external).

All set!

When you begin your Zoom Music Lessons, we will send you more specific instructions, including a personal Zoom link that connects you to your instructor's online music lesson room.

Get Started Today!

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