Piano and Drums Teacher
Alan G.

Born and raised in Houston, Alan is a proud Texan who performs and teaches in the greater Houston area. Alan G. graduated from Houston Christian University with a Bachelor’s of Music Education in 2020, and with a Master’s of Education in 2024. Alan has more than 15 years of experience performing with drum lines, percussion ensembles, marching and concert bands, gamelans, church bands, as well as a soloist. Alan is currently a church percussionist and keybaordist, and during his free time enjoys arranging and composing music for percussion and keyboard.

Alan enjoys teaching and playing music from video games, movies, tv shows, religious music, as well as classical music. Alan also enjoys teaching music theory and music history, and believes both are necessary for the full enjoyment and appreciation of music. Alan’s goal for each of his students is to make music an enjoyable experience while also stressing the importance of understanding the context and history of the music being learned. Alan hopes to inspire the next generation of performers, teachers, and composers, by exposing his students to the rich history of art and music.