Piano Teacher
Kayla B.

Kayla B. has loved playing the piano her entire life.  Coming from a musical family, she fostered her love for music alongside her parents and siblings, participating in choirs, recitals, plays, and bands throughout her childhood.  She went on to study music professionally, and earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Musical Arts at Johnson University Florida, where she majored in piano with a focus on Classical training.  Afterwards, she obtained a Master’s Degree in Music Education from Liberty University, while teaching private piano at various studios in Orlando, Florida. 

Before moving to Texas, Kayla taught choir, class piano, and elementary music at a private school in Virginia, where she further nurtured her passion for music education.  She loves to teach all age groups, and is especially skilled with K-12 students.  Kayla desires to teach her students how to play artfully, and focuses on teaching musical literacy skills, building technical skills, and performance practices, even at a young age.  She believes that students must grow to love the learning experience as a whole, and she desires to help her students nurture a love for music throughout their educational journey.