Piano Teacher
Rebekah J.

Rebekah was born and raised in Houston and started piano lessons at seven years of age. Though at first she was reluctant to learn the piano, over time she learned to enjoy playing it, learning different techniques and songs, and having an overall appreciation for the instrument. After high school, Rebekah attended the University of Texas in the Rio Grande Valley. There, under the tutelage of Pianists Dr. Juan Pablo Andrade and Dr. Kenneth Saxon, she learned how to accompany singers and instrumentalists on the piano as well performing duets with colleagues. This helped Rebekah to really appreciate the art of communication and teamwork. Following her graduation, she immediately began employment as a middle school choir director and later as an Elementary music teacher in the Aldine district. Her goal is to take what she has learned from her great professors as well as her teaching experience and apply it to her students in a way that both challenges and motivates them.