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Group Piano Classes or One-on-One Piano Lessons?

Especially for younger kids, the format in which piano instruction is delivered can be a make or break issue. There are two basic options: private piano lessons (one-on-one learning with a piano teacher) or group piano classes (a piano teacher working with a group of piano students in our specially equipped digital piano lab, where each student has his/her own piano and headphones).

Group Piano Classes and "Buddy Classes"

Our group piano classes  are designed for students who are motivated by group dynamics, or just enjoy working as part of a team. The social interaction helps these students stay motivated and challenged in a supportive, friendly environment. For the beginning to early intermediate student, group piano lessons provide a psychologically sound environment for learning through collaboration, positive peer influence, and frequent classroom performance opportunities. Students are grouped according to age and ability.

During a typical group piano class, the students will play some pieces aloud in unison. This ensures students develop the fundamental skill of playing with a steady beat and accurate rhythm.  At other times, students will take turns playing different sections of a song. This offers each student the opportunity to be heard, while teaching the rest of the class to follow the music visually. When working on a new piece of a difficult musical passage, piano students may wear headphones so they can work independently and the teacher can offer individual help. 

New musical concepts and theory are taught by the teacher to the group as a whole and reinforced with worksheets and games designed to make learning more fun. 

Each weekly piano group class is 60 minutes in length and limited to just a few students per class.

We also offer "Buddy Classes" ("Semi-Private Lessons") for two students of the same age and ability. A Buddy Class is 45 minutes in length. The classroom is set up as a group piano lab with each student using an individual instrument for the class. Students are grouped according to age and ability. New Buddy Classes may begin at any time subject to available instructors.

Private Piano Lessons

One-on-One Private Piano Lessons allow students to progress at their own pace.  Students meet with their teacher once per week. Private instruction covers music reading, technique and artistry, music theory, and performance coaching. A variety of musical styles may be taught such as classical, pop, jazz, and Christian music, depending on the student's interests and preferences. 
Following the individual instruction, students have the option to complete a music theory of listening assignment on the computer. 
Students may start private lessons any time of the year so there's no need to wait to get started.  Private instruction is a great choice for any student.  Private Piano Lessons are a great choice for students who have the desire to move along at maximum speed or learn more easily with individualized, one-on-one attention.

All CFMA Piano Students . . .

have the option to become Student Affiliate Members of Texas Music Teachers Association and to participate in festivals, theory exams, publication contests, piano contests, world of music exams, and more.

All CFMA Piano Teachers . . .

studied piano at the university level.  Many have advanced degrees in piano.  Many of our piano teachers are active members of:
     MTNA - Music Teachers National Association
     TMTA - Texas Music Teachers Association 
     NWHMTA - Northwest Houston Music Teachers Association

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