Violin, Viola, and Piano Teacher
Amanda P.

Amanda has been immersed in the wonderful world of music since 2009. She started her studies at the National School of Arts in Cuba, where she learned to play the violin and specialized as a professional violinist. She also studied to become a music teacher and chamber orchestra director.

Throughout her career, she’s had the opportunity to participate in contests and cultural exchanges, which have allowed her to travel to different parts of the world. One of her most enriching experiences was in Mexico, where she had the chance to play with musical groups all over the country.

In Cuba, Amanda was part of the Lyceum Mozartiano orchestra in Havana, where she shared methods and master classes with European musicians. She also started studying at the University of Arts in Cuba, where she continued to perfect her technique and learn new forms of musical expression.

During her career, she’s had the opportunity to record albums of popular Cuban and Latin American music with the Spanish record label "Envidia". She also founded and directed her own musical group in Cuba.

In 2022, she began teaching in the United States, where she teaches violin, viola, and piano to students of all ages. Additionally, she has worked as a freelancer and taught musical art workshops for children, sharing her passion for music and teaching others to discover the art behind each note.

Amanda is excited to continue growing and sharing her love for music with the world.