Piano & Voice Teacher
Charles P.

Charles has been a performing musician for over 15 years!

As a drummer he has been playing for over 18 years in church, bands, marching band, and even jazz bands. Charles studied at Berklee College of Music in 2008 where he also continued his music career in Boston on the road. He has managed many cover bands and performed yearly with different GB bands, musicals, festivals, opening acts for many artist, and even touring.

As a vocalist he has had the opportunity to study under amazing coaches and legendary vocalists such as, Milton Wright, Betty Wright, Marylin Andre , and the Butterfly Project. 

Charles has lead bands as the leading male vocalist for musicals, corporate entertainment bands, and artist backgrounds on an industry level. Had the pleasure to also lead roles in Musicals like (black nativity, Jobe the Musical starring Betty Wright, and the Harold Jenkins story. )

As an instructor, he has directed music programs and taught private lessons in both drums and vocals. Both privately, and through organizations and institutions. 

Charles wears a lot of hats and is proud to do so. Music has always been a passion of his and he can’t wait to share it with others! One thing he has always loved about teaching music is shining light on a new passion someone may have never known they had! Changing lives through a universal language!