Voice and Piano Teacher in Houston
Tenayah B.

Tenayah B. is from a very small town called Forsyth, Georgia. She attended Savannah State University as an undergraduate and received her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Visual and Performing Arts with a Concentration in Voice Performance. While attending Savannah State University, she had the absolute pleasure of working alongside her wonderful professors, and colleagues mastering her craftsmanship in singing, conducting and teaching. Tenayah participated in the Savannah State University Concert Chorale as a student conductor and an alto section leader where she effectively led rehearsals and conducted performances. Because of her excellent leadership skills as a musician and being an excellent student in the classroom, she received the Dr. Coleridge A. Braithwaite Music Scholarship in April of 2016. Since then, she has been inspired to continue to excel in her craft. During her senior year at Savannah State University, she had the opportunity to intern with Dr. Monica Dekle, the director and organist of the Savannah Philharmonic Chorus and the Wesley Monumental United Methodist Church Choir in Savannah, Georgia. Tenayah describes this experience as an absolute pleasure. She was the student conductor and choir member of both choirs. She attended rehearsals and performances, taught four pieces in all to both choirs, and conducted her pieces at performances. That was a life changing experience for her. Also, she has had the pleasure of student teaching at Myers Middle School, Oglethorpe Charter School and Schumann Elementary School in Savannah, Georgia alongside with her professors and colleagues from Savannah State University. Since then, she has never stopped having a passion for music. Music will always be a part of her and she’ll never stop passing on the greatness of music to others! With much gratitude, she’s super excited to be a part of the Cy- Fair Music and Arts Community!