How to Support Your Child in Voice Lessons

Written By CFMA
March 23, 2022

She’s been singing non-stop almost since she was born. To help her pursue her musical passion and build vocal skills, consider enrolling her in voice lessons. Here are some basic tips on how as a parent you can support your child's vocal journey.

Singing Lessons Teach Not Only Singing

Music lessons teach children a wide range of life hacks – they develop habits and abilities that will serve them well in life such as commitment, persistence, and how to stay motivated.

In voice lessons, your children will also learn to increase their vocal range, sing with poise and clarity, use breath support, and project their voice. No matter what their aspirations are, they will indeed become better, more confident singers--and speakers!

We talk about the many benefits of singing lessons in an earlier post, and today we’ve got some great tips on how you can support your children in voice lessons. 

Why Does Your Child Want to Take Voice Lessons?

There’s nothing like clarity to help a child commit to learning. Talk with her about why she wants to take vocal lessons. Chances are, she’s not taking them to sound better in the shower! Does she want to perform in the school play or take part in the school chorus? Has she dreamed about singing professionally when she’s older?

Knowing her aspirations will help you support her. Once you know her ambitions, you can take the next steps.

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Studying Her Idols

As any singer will tell you, one of the best inspirations for learning your chops is to listen to those you admire. The key here is to help your child listen intelligently to understand what it is that she likes about that singer. Is it the kind of music being sung, or the harmonies? Or is it the singer’s diction, rhythm, or voice itself?

Expose her to a variety of music and singers on an ongoing basis. This might include music during dinner, in the car (with conversations about what she likes or doesn’t, and why), and watching performances live and on the internet. The more experience she has, the more invested she’ll become in her lessons.

Practicing Vocals

To learn anything you have to practice. Create a schedule together and get her commitment to stick to it. Be sure the schedule is realistic and do your very best to always make that time available. Consistency is the key to learning any skill, and singing is no exception.

How to Help When the Going Gets Tough

There will come a day when your singer just doesn’t want to do lessons anymore. This may be due to a variety of factors, including a busy schedule that is crowded with too many after school activities. But it can also be caused by what educators call “The Wall.”

Many educators observe that the wall occurs when the student is on the cusp of achieving a new level. This opportunity often requires extra commitment or effort – it can also bring on the fear of success.

Let them know that this is a normal and natural part of learning. The good news is that if they keep going, they will learn that perseverance pays off and achieve that breakthrough.

We all want our children to be successful and happy, and your support in vocal lessons can help them achieve significant success.

At Cy-Fair Music and Arts we will do everything within our power to make sure your child or teenager thrives in vocal lessons.

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