The following settings are CRUCIAL for Music Lessons and Acting Classes and Lessons: 


1) Select your Zoom Device

2) WIFI Setup and Location

  • Students should be on the same floor and close to the Wi-Fi Router – Weak WiFi signal will degrade or drop your connection.
  • Run a speed test (Google “Speed Test”) – if not consistently over 20 MB/s in both directions next to your WiFi router, consider contacting your internet provider for updated equipment, purchasing a Wireless AC router, or installing a Mesh WiFi system such as the EERO.
  • Avoid use of your WiFi network for streaming TV, movies, or gaming during your lesson, rehearsal, or performance.

3) Recommended Accessories

Improve audio quality (laptop and desktop only)

Improve video quality (laptop and desktop only)

Recommended for actors, singers, and violinists – Raise camera to eye level

Adjustable piano benches for young students – To ensure elbows are at proper height